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Lion of Africa Offices, Cape Town

New Office fit-out

completed 2011

We met the founding members of Lion of Africa Insurance through another project and promptly switched our insurance company.It makes a huge difference to put a face to and LIKE the person who started your insurance company.


When Lion of Africa Life Assurance relocated to The Boulevard in Woodstock, Cape Town, we were honoured when asked to assist with the design and lay-out of the new offices. Office planning offers an opportunity to understand how the core business of a company functions and being party to this is a learning opportunity that we cherish.


A water feature at the entrance added that edge of design complexity that we thrive on (where does the water come from? Where will the water drain to? How will the stones remain clean?) and the use of bold colours to define the various office spaces. The kitchens and canteen areas have been designed in an open-plan, galley kitchen style. The days of small, pokey kitchens where employees are falling over each other when making coffee are truly over and we are proud of the way in which these areas are being used daily.


Tel: 021 448 2406     Email:

Address: Unit 56, Roeland Square, Drury Lane, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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