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Architecture is my passion and my profession. 

I qualified as a Professional Architect from the University of Pretoria in 1991 and have been practising as an Architect ever since. "Being an Architect" is one of ways I choose to show up and interact with my environment.

During the early 1990's, I worked as an Architect in Berlin, Germany and experienced the excitement of urban innovation and renewal which followed the fall of the Berlin Wall. 


I followed my heart home to Johannesburg, South Africa in 1994 and experienced the first democratic election and the impact of this turning point in history on the urban fabric of the city.  


Itching feet and a thirst for exploring catapulted me towards Cape Town in 1997, which is where I established roots.

In 2002, Zollner Architects was founded. I joined forces with Chris Bam under the banner of Bam Zollner Architects for a period of 3 years and reestablished Zollner Architects in 2007. 

I love being a professional Architect. I love Architecture. I love designing Public Spaces. I love witnessing how the smallest building intervention has the potential to change a life. I love observing how people use spaces. I love changing spaces. I love complex projects. I love leading big teams of building professionals. 

Being and Architect is my State of Being.

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