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Protea by Marriott Fire & Ice! Cape Town

130 Bedroom Hotel with Basement

Phase 1 - completed 2006

We love this project.... for various reasons. This was our first project with the client and it was exciting to foster new relationships with a corporate company and fellow professional team members. Projects come with their unique set of challenges and it was not the nature or scale of the challenges that endeared this project to us, but the manner in which the client and team set out to resolve them.


The highlight of this project was transforming New Church Street from what was previously an industrial back road into a pedestrian friendly and sculptural urban space. Every time we pass the street we cheer the 18 trees that we planted on the sidewalk to GROW and despite the high clay soil and the howling South Easter wind, there now are trees in this corner of the city. Planting trees in the city, witnessing their growth and having a client that shares this passion is immensely satisfying.

In the restaurant, the pool glass forms a clear backdrop to the restaurant seating. The sidewalk seating area on a lower level of the road has a pergola whose rhythm alternates with the trees. At night the trees are lit up and the street is transformed into a magical space.


Tel: 021 448 2406     Email:

Address: Unit 56, Roeland Square, Drury Lane, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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