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Parliament Precinct, Cape Town

Conservation Management Plan - completed 2007

Being involved in this very rewarding project gave us a whole new definition of what teamwork amongst professionals is all about. Our project team consisted of a Heritage Architect, a Historical Researcher, a Spatial Historical Analyst, an Urban Heritage Specialist, a Social History Researcher, an Archaeologist and a Heritage Landscape Architect. We formed part of a larger team of consultants who were tasked to formulate an Integrated Management Plan for this precinct.

We measured up all the existing buildings in the precinct and compiled Existing Building Condition Reports of every building. Having access to all the building and peeking into all the nooks and crannies in this precinct, was an incredible privilege and experience. The Library of Parliament in the National Council of Provinces building was a highlight of our investigation. We were equally intrigued by the quantity of ground water that flows under the Old Assembly and has to be pumped out daily.

We coordinated the writing and publication of a Conservation Management Plan for the Cape Town Parliamentary Precinct, which in turn has been adopted into the Integrated Management Plan. The document is a fascinating read and we would be happy to loan you our copy for bedtime reading or research purposes.


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Address: Unit 56, Roeland Square, Drury Lane, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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