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Naval Base Simonstown, Cape Town

Repairs to Boat Sheds - completed 2011

This project entailed the removal, disposal and replacement of 6 large sheds on the Naval Base in Simonstown. Working on this project was not for weak-kneed and height sensitive staff as all of our inspections entailed wearing harnesses and  working on heights.

The tempestuous weather conditions in Simonstown, linked with extensive road works on the only feeder road to Simonstown, added a layer of coordination complexity that would warm the heart of any dedicated problem solver. 

Climbing around on the roofs, seeing the spectacular views, breathing the fresh air, listening to the seagulls and staying safe under taxing conditions made this and unforgettable project. 


Tel: 021 448 2406     Email:

Address: Unit 56, Roeland Square, Drury Lane, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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